Welcome! My name is Bianca.

Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my handmade business.

All pieces are small batch, slow made, and one of a kind. By creating jewelry and homewares inspired by nature, I hope to invoke a sense of appreciation for and reconnection to our earth while honoring its beauty.

This business is built on sustainable, intentional, and ethical values. 

I am a lifelong artist, passionate about drawing, painting, and printmaking, and greatly inspired by science, nature, and the natural world around us. This business began when I made my first few resin coasters in March 2020, with my small stash of pressed plants, flowers, and found insects that I had collected over the years. This opened the door for a new creative joy that I felt while working with plants and preserving them in resin, a bit like feeling at home. I had just lost three jobs due to COVID-19, and having this medium of art as an emotional outlet and source of financial stability got me through those initial pandemic months. That summer my collection of natural materials grew, as friends offered me their gardens to pick from or dropped off flowers and insects on my porch. I experienced a genuine motivation to create, and continued to make work and push my own boundaries. My artistic process is about being present with myself and my materials from start to finish, and creating what I feel called to make in the moment. For this reason, every piece is intentionally created and completely unique.

I feel it is a privilege to create using natural materials and found insects. I believe it is important to be mindful of our earth and not take it for granted, and to be conscious of waste we produce. Learn more about my sustainable practices and ethical sourcing here.

Thank you

I am grateful for the incredible community support and so many wonderful individuals who helped me get to where I am today. I’d like to shout out some specific friends who offered their resources.

Angelique Gates, for offering their consulting services when I took the leap to become a business. They are knowledgeable, supportive, and were essential to my success in launching. Lique is also the co-founder of Current Cleveland and community accountability partner at Reparations Now Cleveland. Black and Queer owned, support their work at www.ellolique.com and find them on Instagram @ellolique. 

 Sammantha Vendrell, for so generously creating my previous logo. She makes beautiful handmade jewelry honoring nature and the earth using upcycled materials, insects, and fossils. Queer and Indigenous Boriken owned, support her small business at www.secondlifeadornments.com and find her on Instagram @secondlifeadornments.  

Ava Moore, for designing my current logo! She is an amazing artist involved in digital designs, hand lettering, cover art, chalkboards, embroidery, and more. She can be found on Instagram at @avajanemade.