Wall hanging for Cris, who provided honey comb and honey bees:

Wall Hanging for Annie, who provided fresh wedding flowers:

Serving tray for Kelsi, who provided fresh wedding flowers:

Wall hanging for Dominic, who provided preserved scorpion:

Coaster and earrings sets for Cierra, who provided pressed funeral flowers:

 Wall hanging for Kite, who provided praying mantis, and datura seeds and pods: 

Hoop earrings and coaster set for Nicole, who provided pressed tulip petals:

Coaster and earring sets for Juliet, who provided fresh roses from her garden:

Wall hanging and coaster set for Jo, who provided fresh bridal bouquet and wedding flowers:

Wristrest for James, who provided fresh flowers from his garden:
Long computer wrist rest made of resin in the shape of a rectangle with a white flower in the center surrounded by pressed herbs

Coaster set and earrings for Laura, who provided pressed wedding flowers:

Coaster and earrings for Steph, who provided air dried funeral flowers:

Earrings and coaster for Xan, who provided living fern plant:

Set for Colette, who provided her air dried bridal bouquet: