I accept custom orders for a variety of items. You may request colors or flowers, reference past projects I have created, or provide your own bouquet, flowers, insects, pet ashes, and other natural materials.

If you would like to provide your own bouquets, please view the section below. 

For any further questions or to request a custom order, please send an email to or use my contact formPlease read my Customs Policies before reaching out, which are listed below. Let's create the floral piece of your dreams!


Items available for custom order:


Catchall Trays (shapes/sizes vary)

Serving/Rolling Trays (shapes/sizes vary)

Decorative Boxes (shapes/sizes vary)

Lazy Susans

Wall Hangings (shapes/sizes vary)

Incense & Candle Holders 

Keyboard Wristrest

Ornaments (Custom ornament deadline is August 1, 2022.)

Items NOT available for custom order*:



Items that include insects/butterflies

*I DO accept custom earring, necklace, and insect-themed orders if you would like to provide your own flowers, insects, and natural materials - such as from your garden, sentimental flowers, wedding or funeral, etc. Please see the Providing Your Own Flowers section below for details.


Providing Your Own Flowers

Preserving flowers in resin is a wonderful way to memorialize flowers of significance - weddings, funerals, gifted bouquets, blooms from your garden - I will press and preserve your materials to create something uniquely you. 

I also accept flowers that are already pressed, insects, pet ashes, feathers, claws, or other natural materials you wish to provide. 

Your materials may be shipped or dropped off, and all resin items are fair game when providing your own materials, jewelry included. 

To view the gallery of preserved wedding and funeral bouquets and other provided materials, please click here!

It is always an honor to be trusted with items of significance. Contact me if you have further questions, are interested in pricing info, or would like to place a custom order with your own materials. 

Here's what you need to know if you are interested in providing your own flowers or bouquets. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions!

To provide fresh flowers: I offer a pressing service for your flowers at $45/hour. Labor costs for pressing will be calculated into final price of your custom piece. Anything preserved in resin needs to be completely dried and without moisture. Casting fresh flowers is not possible. A standard wedding or funeral bouquet takes approximately 2-5 hours to press; the amount of hours will vary depending on size and number of bouquets you provide for your project. Flowers take an additional 2-4 weeks to completely dry and be ready to cast - this is included in the overall processing time. 

Fresh flowers will need to be dropped off or mailed ASAP, preferably express/overnighted. I will press the flowers as soon as they arrive. Sometimes fresh flowers do not arrive in the best conditions or have browned, but I will always do my best to salvage what I can and take care of your flowers. Please keep this in mind when shipping fresh.

I will return any leftover materials to you if you wish. 

*For weddings more than 2 weeks in advance and in need of pressing service: I charge a $100 non-refundable fee to reserve your bouquet spot. This fee is not deducted from the final price of your project. This fee ensures that your wedding date is in my calendar and I will be available to press your bouquet upon arrival. It is only required if you want to guarantee a space in my calendar. You are welcome to roll the dice and wait closer to your date to contact me about your bouquet. There is a chance I will be out of town or unavailable to take on your project. By paying the reservation fee, I plan my life around your date and you are guaranteed my availability.

To provide pressed flowers: Please get acquainted with how to ship pressed flowers securely before shipping! They are so fragile and the shipping process is not always kind to packages. If flowers arrive damaged, I will always do my best to salvage what I can and take care of your flowers. If you are in Cleveland I also accept no-contact porch drop offs. Almost always I can create earrings or necklaces with pressed flowers that you provide, however I will ask for photos before accepting your order for earrings.

To provide whole dried, unpressed flowers: This includes flowers and bouquets that are not pressed, and are air dried. The items I accept for whole dried, unpressed flowers is limited, and excludes jewelry. This is due to their size and brittleness, and selection of custom items I offer. Please see Emily, Steph, and Colette's projects here to see an example of what I can offer with air dried flowers.

Contact me with photos of your bouquet and let me know what you have in mind so I can assist! I can also refer you to other artists that can accept bouquets of this nature for larger projects if you are interested.


Customs Policies

Current processing time for custom items is 12-16 weeks from time of payment received until shipment/pickup ready, unless otherwise stated, and is subject to change depending on time of year and nature of project.

I offer free consultation via email to discuss your project and what you have in mind. Full payment and any taxes and shipping costs will be due upfront once your invoice is sent via email. If you are taking part in pressing services for a provided bouquet, invoice will be sent within two weeks of bouquet drop off date. The 12-16 week processing time for your project is initiated once invoice is paid. Payment is non-refundable

By ordering custom work, you are offering me artistic liberty to interpret your preferences in accordance with the natural materials I have available and/or your provided materials. You will not receive a mock-up or draft of your piece unless you specifically request. Once cast in resin and the pieces are created, flowers/materials cannot be changed, added, or removed. It is absolutely permanent.

All custom orders are subject to Shipping & Shop Policies

I greatly appreciate your interest and support of my work. I am so honored to create custom work for you and to be trusted with your significant bouquets. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!