I am happy to create custom work for you with flowers you provide, whether they be fresh or pressed! Many people have dropped off and mailed both fresh and pressed flowers from their gardens, wedding and funeral bouquets, and more. If you have preserved insects or other natural materials, I accept those as well. Contact me if you have further questions or would like to place a custom order with your own materials. 


Here's what you need to know if you are interested in providing your own flowers. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions!


To provide fresh flowers: Flowers will need to be mailed ASAP, preferably express/overnighted. I will press the flowers for you once they arrive. Sometimes fresh flowers do not arrive in the best conditions or have browned, but I will always do my best to salvage what I can and take care of your flowers. Please keep this in mind when shipping fresh. If you are in Cleveland I also accept no-contact porch drop offs. Labor costs for pressing will be calculated into final price of your custom piece at $35/hour. I will return any leftover materials to you if you wish. 

*Note: anything preserved in resin must be completely dried and without moisture. Casting fresh flowers is not possible. 

To provide pressed flowers: Please get acquainted with how to ship pressed flowers securely before shipping! They are so fragile and the shipping process is not always kind to packages. If you are in Cleveland I also accept no-contact porch drop offs. Almost always I can create earrings or necklaces with pressed flowers that you provide, however I will ask for photos before accepting your order for earrings.

To provide whole dried, unpressed flowers: The items I accept for whole dried, unpressed flowers is limited, and excludes jewelry. This is due to their size and selection of custom items I offer. Please see Emily, Steph, and Colette's projects below to see an example of what I can offer with air dried flowers. Contact me if you have any questions! 


Wall hanging for Cris, who provided honey comb and honey bees:

Wall Hanging for Annie, who provided fresh wedding flowers:

Serving tray for Kelsi, who provided fresh wedding flowers:

Wall hanging for Dominic, who provided preserved scorpion:

Coaster and earrings sets for Cierra, who provided pressed funeral flowers:

 Wall hanging for Kite, who provided praying mantis, and datura seeds and pods: 

Hoop earrings and coaster set for Nicole, who provided pressed tulip petals:

Coaster and earring sets for Juliet, who provided fresh roses from her garden:

Wall hanging and coaster set for Jo, who provided fresh bridal bouquet and wedding flowers:

Wristrest for James, who provided fresh flowers from his garden:
Long computer wrist rest made of resin in the shape of a rectangle with a white flower in the center surrounded by pressed herbs

Coaster set and earrings for Laura, who provided pressed wedding flowers:

Coaster and earrings for Steph, who provided air dried funeral flowers:

Earrings and coaster for Xan, who provided living fern plant:

Set for Colette, who provided her air dried bridal bouquet: